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Symantec Connect SymWISE question (Off topic)

Created: 05 Nov 2012 | 5 comments
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I know this is way off the forum topic, but since I participate in this forum reulgarly and couldn't find anywhere else to submit this question I thought I'd ask my netbackup peers...

I had subscribed to several technotes so to be notified if and when the articles were updated.  I since updated my symprofile with a new e-mail address.  It appears that my subscriptions are being sent to my old email address.  Also unfortunately any reward redemptions are also being sent to my old e-mail address although I had updated my e-mail in my connect profile. 

Has anybody had any simliar circumstances, or know of a way to get this corrected?


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Oh nice.. it posted in an applicable forum... not so off-topic anymore.

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Hi Nathan,

I sent you a private message to discuss (did not want to post your email address here).


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Seems Symwise Subscription system is 'broken'.

See this discussion:

Where do we go to report this, Kevin? I understand this is not a Connect issue...

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The issue mentioned in Marianne's post is known and due to be fixed in an upcoming release; I posted a more detailed message in that thread.

The issue described in the original post is one I had not heard of yet. I will investigate further and file an internal incident if necessary.

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FYI, I have filed an internal incident regarding the original issue mentioned at the top of this thread.

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  Martin T.
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