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Symantec Deduplication

Created: 21 Apr 2013 | 7 comments


I have one symantec backup exec server installed with deduplicatoin option and it is working fine. what i am trying to do is install another symantec backup exec server and try to take the backup of Deduplicated storage folder. But not able to do so. any workaround?


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Not the way you want too...why not just add in a stage to duplicate the dedupe folder to tape or another disk (B2D/dedpue)?

Doing it the way you want you've got to spend cash on more licenses, find more hardware/VM resources for another server, and as things stand, you can't select another media server to be backed up unless you have Enterprise Server Option with CASO and optimized dedupe in place. Yet another expense...if you don't have to spend cash and can do something similar with your current environment, then do so.

Be advised that backing up or duplicating the dedupe folder rehydrates the data...

Check the TNs below:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Hi Craig,

Thanks for your comments. Now let me tell you what i did.

1. Create a backup Job on deduplication

2. Add a stage to duplicate  B2D, it runs when full backup completes (run the backup)

3. Edit duplicate stage to run after every increment backup for that job

This is working fine. Now i test it like:

1. add 2 same files of 50 MB each on my backup source

2. Runs incremental backup

3. duplicate backup runs after it as it is linked.

Now when i checked my backup size

1. Size on deduplicatoin increases only 50 MB (it means duduplication works)

2. Size of duplicate B2D increase by 100 MB ((it means without duduplication)

can you tell why this appen. because as per my understanding, the duplicate job runs after incremental backup with deduplication so duplicate backup sould already be deduplicated.. and can you also tell me how to open that duplicated B2D backup with other symantec backup exec server?

Appreciate your respone.

Thank You

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When you duplicate a backup set from the dedup folder, it is hydrated, i.e., it revert to the original data, not deduplicated.

CraigV's picture backed up by pkh and mentioned in my first post! You would only get a duplicate of 50MB if you were duplicating to another dedupe folder.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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If you want to backup the entire dedup folder, you do not need another media server.  You just backup the shadow copy component.  See this document

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Sorry to bother you guyz. but i am new into this. I want backup of deduplicated folder ona remote site. and size of this folder is 10 TB with 500 MB daily increment.

what is the best soluton for this without extra cost. if its a shadow copy can it be incremental?

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 if its a shadow copy can it be incremental?