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Symantec Desktop and Laptop Options - Problem

Created: 07 May 2013 | 10 comments

Dear All,

We have some issue with the Symantec DLO backups. below is the setup

1) Symantec DLO Server - Windows 2012 Server

2) Symantec DLO Clients - Windows XP Professional & MS Office 2007 Professional

We have backups running for some clients and some of the clients backup says "Local Pending" in queue, but never gets backed up, even though those are scheduled to Run. In fact we had some issue with Local Disk space, and we have now mapped the local user backup on the shared folder instead on local fixed drive. Backups all go on queue and wont get backed up to either local Folder location or the Network Folder location. Can anyone suggest what could be the reason for such behaviour. I have tried to search in some blogs and search, but there is no particular answer for this problem related to Sym DLO.

It would be great, if someone suggest me the solution here.



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VJware's picture

Hope you are using DLO 7.5 (the only compatible version with Windows Server 2012)

Is there any quota set on the DUDF ? As a test, if you disable DUDF, do backup run to the NUDF directly ?

The DLO client UI will show the list of files which are pending. Are these .pst files or system file or regualr files which are open ?

sriramrane's picture

yes DLO 7.5 server is running on Windows 2012 Server. 

There is quota enabled, but it is for 100GB for each user, whereas individual users have around 20+ GB each. 

For PST backups, or any VSS & Delta backups its mandatory to have the DUDF enabled, otherwise it we disable the DUDF open file backups will not going to happen. Only with NUDF the backups works fine. 

In our case, we dont have enough space of user Local Disk for DUDF,  to avoid this we have mapped the shares from the storage for each user to accomodate the DUDF space on each desktops. 

When we open the DLO UI its shows that the Local Pending for PST files as well other files which are suppose to be backed up. Any idea how this can be resolved. I was going through some discussion on this which is faced by others. Please suggest will this solve the issue or the netwrok shares which we have mapped to accommodate will have an issue for not being backed up to disk. I suppose its not mandatory to have a fixed local drives for the DUDF. Please suggest

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For .pst backups, are you using the VSS method along with Delta File Transfer enabled ?

sriramrane's picture

Yes, Very much. Without that the backup will be either skipped or failed. 

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I haven't tested using a mapped share as DUDF for the clients. As a test, if you use the fixed drive for a client, do the backups work ?

sriramrane's picture

Yes. It does work fine with the fixed drive, wherein in terms of mapped drive, it does work sometime but sometime all the backups will go on queue with message on Desktop UI "Local Pending"

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Was digging around & mapped drives may be not be supported as the storage location... need to double-check.

sriramrane's picture

I have tried something which possibly work. In fact I knocked off the .settings folder and restarted the DLO client and it look like fine, but still under observations. But I still feel it may struck again with same "local pending" error.  Let me know if you come across any solution other than which I have already tried.

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If it gets stuck again at local pending, will need the dlo client debug & job log.

sriramrane's picture

Sure. Will upload the logs once I do the observations.