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symantec DLO Agent for Netbackup reporting no backups in XX days

Created: 25 Sep 2012 | 2 comments

We recently had several people move offices within this building.  All of the sudden their backups started failing.  The Alert is "no backups in XX days".  They were working before they moved offices.  Now they are not.  What could be the problem? 

We are using Netbackup DLO.

Things I have tried:

1.stopping the server and client Firewall

2. removing all DNS settings from the client so that everything is DHCP.

3. rebooting the server and client

4. flushing the DNS revolver from the server and the client.

Do I need to do a re-install of the client?  This seems extreme and should not be necessary.

Thanks, Tara

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NeerThadarai's picture

Did you check any of the client machine where DLO is running to see what exactly is the problem. DLO Agent might be failing to conect to the DLO Server for the backup hence it's throwing error that backup didn't happen for xx days.

I would first try to launch the DLO Agent on the client machine and see what error i get. Also would enable the verbose logging on the client to see what errors are thrown while it's trying to connect to the DLO server.

tara's picture

the DLO Agent launches just find. IT isn't showing any error because it is backing up locally to itself without a problem.  It just doesn't copy the data to the server.

How do you enable verbose logging on the client?

Thanks, Tara