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Symantec dlp endpoint blocking webmail

Created: 12 Oct 2013 | 8 comments
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I am now doing a DLP tests. Endpoint dlp, set up blocking for the file type (. DWG), but found that if you send mail via web mail, such as Gmail, etc., is not possible blocking. How does this function can be achieved through the endpoint dlp what? Or I have other options not noticed. Added: send mail through outlook is blocked file types. webmail only the contents of the file can be blocked. Seeking rescue, thanks!

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I'm using IE browser, as well as Chrome. Have emerged in such a situation.

Here is my strategy.To see other screenshots can tell me.thank you!



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for chrome, you have to add in application monitoring.

for IE, capture network traffic and verify which protocol is being used.

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Thank you, Pete!  I added a chrome application monitoring,It can block to upload attachments.But this is an application to open the monitor, I can use the e-mail protocol (SNMP) to block messages file types it? I found that outlook is possible, but in the browser, my attachment will still be uploaded successfully.

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you mean SMTP, you can use the network prevent for SMTP for email or network prevent for web.

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Yes, because I was doing a test on the outlook to send mail, I found the incident report to a file type that can be checked, but web-based e-mail can not. This is my outlook events, which shows something slightly trigger SMTP blocking.

I think the reason may be the outlook from the local computer to send attachments, but web mail is required to pass the attachments uploaded to the operator browser on the server.


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webmail will use the http protocol as detection.

check the article Article # 54075