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Symantec DLP Oracle 11G R2 database template size

Created: 08 Feb 2012 | 7 comments
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Windows Server 2008 R2, 4GB RAM, 44 GB storage


After adding the template to the database installation directory:


I have started to install the database with the Database Configuration Assistent.

When I want to finish the installation, I need about a 130 GB of disk space.

I'm using a virtual machine with only a 44 GB of storage. How can I finish the installation with lesser then the 130 GB of storage or isn't it possible ?

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Installing Oracle on a VM is not supported.  

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What is the best way to install the DLP sollution for a test environment ? Do I realy need dedecated servers ?

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What do you mean by a test system?  How many nodes are going to be on it?  I run my demo and most of the Symatnec Sales Engineers run a demo through a VM, 1 or 2 VMs reporting data via Endpoint or Network Discover against the system and it runs fine.  Not supported but it runs.

If you want to set it up to test things it can work, but won't be able to help if there are issues w/ the build, etc.

One of the steps of configuring the database allows you to change the size of the different tables (I don't have the screenshots in front of me) and that would allow you to use the disk space you need

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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I'm learning the full application so I need to install every component in a test environment.

I started with the enforcer database and an error occured at the end of installing the database with the template provided by DLP.

This error was about the database size, it required a 133 GB but I only had a 20 GB left on the virtual disk drive.

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The best way to install in a test environment is to set it up like a POC.  1 physical server which will host oracle/enforce/n. discover and or endpoint server (max 2 endpoint clients) and 1 physical n. monitor.  

First physical server with oracle/enforce/discover/endpoint 500gb 2 3.0ghz processors 8-16gb ram copper or fiber nic

2nd physical server n. monitor 100gb + 2 3.0 ghz processors 8-16gb ram.

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you can modify the tablespace size in the template file. ( the default size is 32767 MB, which is 33GB, change to smaller size).

Thank you.

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Thanks. I found this helpful. I also encountered the same error on a test setup and ignored it during the install (my mistake) due to this no incidents were being created/identified (I did see them being counted which I found confusing). I removed the enforce software and the database then modified the db template file from 32767 to 10767 and then recreated the user -  that seemed to do the trick.

Is there an easy way to monitor the tablespace?