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Symantec Ecex Desktop and Laptop Option / The Software is neither not configured or has been disabled by your administrator

Created: 09 Jul 2012 • Updated: 09 Jul 2012 | 7 comments

Hey to all,

Maybe somebody could help me resolve this issue or point me in the good direction.

I have a w2k3 server running with Symantec Backup Exex v12.5 on it and the DLOconsole. All worked perfectly until some weeks ago.

For some reason what so ever the client backup exec desktop agent gets disabled. Also on the client side it's totally not possible to enable it. It connects at startup and then puts it's self offline. Fyi on none of my dlo client installations ( approx. 150 clients ) the installation works anymore.

I already checked the registery on the client side and the dbinstance and dbname still match the server. The security on the data folder and share where the files are backupped to is also checked.

I can also tell when I remove the complete folder of a user off the backup share and re-start the agent on the client side. The agent creates autom. the main folder of the end user on the backup share but from there on the agent on the client side gets disabled.

A repair of the components and db repair did also help nothing. in worst case I need to remove the DLO console and re-install it.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

With Kind regards, Dimitri

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Kiran Bandi's picture

Have a look at this:

Among the given causes, license should not be the cause as all your clients are facing same issue. Also you have checked rights to data folders. Check if the antivirus is running with tamper protection... 

dimitri.janssens's picture

Hey thx for the fast reply. But I also checked that.

On the SEP server and on the client side the tamper is disabled.

DLO user has rights to write because otherwise it would not create it's root NDUF folder on first time login.

license may be the last thing : how can I check how many licenses I still have free for the use of the DLO agent?

With kind regards, Dimitri

Kiran Bandi's picture

Hi Dimitri,

If that is the case ,you will have some alerts in the administration console about licenses.

But license issues, should not effect all the clients, which were functioning earlier. Only extra addred clients will be disabled. 

I am not sure if an existing license can be deleted from the installed version of DLO. Check for the installed licenses details from admin console.


dimitri.janssens's picture

I checked the admin console and the licensing should'nt be the issue.

Also checked some clients again that still are running on a older version of SAV, version 10 to be more presize. So the theory we had about the tamper protection we can exclude since on the old SAV server ,the settings haven't changed. And in the past there were never issue.

With kind regards, Dimitri

dimitri.janssens's picture

Just checked again the option in scenario 3.

From the client computer go to cmd prompt and browse to the NUDF folder.

Strangest thing here is when I browse on the short unc name : servername\sharename. The system returns me error 64.

When I then browse on the complete path : \\servername.domain\sharename I get access. The same goes for whern browsing on the ip address.

So if I could change that ... I would maybe have resolved it.