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Symantec Enablement Toolkit

Created: 05 May 2011 | 5 comments

Hello all,

first of all, the Symantec Enablement Toolkit is a great knowledgebase with lots of Infos, Docs, OfflineTrainings, Demos etc. but it still needs the Enablement Toolkit Application to view all of the content.
But our colleagues have restrictions on new tools on their computers..

On that reason, i´ll exclude all that content, so everyone can access this content via WebBrowser. (only in our intranet)

How can i solve this?

Thanks for helping


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UFO's picture

We have similar situation with security on desktop computers and are not able to install Enablement Tookit there. What we did to solve this was creating a small network outside the intranet (physically - in our testing lab). Couple of PCs that form small eLearning class. Very simple solution smiley


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Hi - I manage the Symantec Enablement Toolkit and have heard this a few times. Does your company also restrict the installation of Flash or Air? We are considering building a lightweight app that could potentially solve this issue.

If you have any other thoughs i'd be very interested to hear them.




Nik Alston, CISSP
Sr. Manager, Enablement Toolkit & Media Services


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If you have access to Adobe Air the application SymBrain is an alternative to check out

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A Web-based edition would be still a great idea for that. In Combination with our symantec accounts it could be very useful for consultant which can't use their own PCs / Laptops everytime..

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...I'd suggest filing this under the Ideas section for Symantec to consider...

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