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Symantec Encryption Desktop for Mac OS Mavericks - catch 22

Created: 22 Jan 2014 | 15 comments


with Symantec Encryption Desktop (Version 10.3.1 MP1 (build 13266)) there is 

misleading information about Mac OS Mavericks support in the technical document TECH174563.

Let me explain:  a Macbook Pro was upgraded to Maverick following the upgrade procedure:

decrypt drive, de-install encryption desktop, upgrade to maverick, install encryption desktop and encrypt the disk. All fine.

Now - having a positive experience - it was tried to do the same procedure with a another new MacBook Air.

The whole procdure started good, but now it was not possible to encrypt the disk drive. Encryption desktop aborts with PGPError: -11997.

A case was openend ([ref:00D30jPy.5005    [ ref:_00D30jPy._50050QCf8g:ref ]) and now we have a catch 22:

Symantec Encryption Desktop is currently not supported on Mac OS X Version 10.9.1 - well it is not possible to get 10.9.0 anymore.

This is why the technical document is misleading: Apple ships Maverick version 10.9.1 and Symantec is currently not supporting it.

It would be good to change the technical document TECH174563 and to state that OS X Maverick is not supported with current operating system versions, so Encryption Desktop is supported with OSX versions which are not available from Apple anymore (10.9 or 10.9.0).

Of course it would be better if Desktop Encryption would support Apple OSX 10.9.1.

Best reagrds, Thorsten


Greetings and a big thank you to the technical support engineer Amol who is trying to escalate this issue internally at Symantec.

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atyoung's picture

While not supported, there are customers who have successfully installed and encrypted the drive on OSX 10.9.1 without incident. I have presonally done this in a test environment with success as well. In all instances I have encountered it functioning correctly, this was on a clean install of the product, and not an upgrade scenario. It might be worth trying in your case uninstalling the product using the uninstall button option available on the about screen and reinstalling the product entirely.

You might also try a third party cleaning untility to remove the application that tracks down all of the plists involved (AppCleaner etc.).

The error you encountered is a general FileNotFound error that is not specific to WDE at all, which generally suggest to me that it's somthing missing in the installation, either by fact the that system was upgraded while the product was still installed, or perhaps the install script itself is targeting someplace it can't currently write to.

evil-tom's picture

The lack of support is becoming a headache for me too (again).

I know Apple aren't the easiest to deal with in terms of testing for the enterprise, but please get a move on with the support for 10.9.1 - otherwise 10.9.2 will be out and we'll be in the same situation...  Again...


atyoung's picture

Our recent changes internally from a product manager perspective are very aware of the supportability issues we have had traditionally with OSX release support. It is being addressed, talent is being acquired, and this will be addressed.

tzenker's picture

Good news to share!

1. Even so 10.9.1 is not officially supported:

   Symantec decided to assign a support engineer to find out what is going on.
   This is excellent customer focus from Symantec suppport! Thank you! 
   (They could have just closed the case on a "not supported platform".)

2. In parallel it was detected: Symantec Encryption Desktop (Version 10.3.1 MP1 (build 13266) is able to encryt the disk in this case once Java  with version "java version 1.7.0_45" was installed. 

3. As a follow up from point 1 and 2:
    Krzysztof from Symantec is going to remote login to the system and dig deeper. 

atyoung's picture

I am aware of this case, I did ell him to troubleshoot as normal, while not supported there is really no good reason it shouldn't work at the moment and if there is a problem it hasn't been encountered with QA. In some cases I have heard about the IMAP proxy not functioning proximate to install, however it would appear that issue resolves itself after a short amount of time. We're still trying ti diagnose that issue and get it to engineering.

But wholedisk should function, and if it's not open a support case. Don't take "unsupported" as an answer, get it to the Advanced Line for troubleshooting.

lsnover's picture

PGP 10.3.2 is out and supposed to support Mavericks.  I  have it installed but can not encrypt anything.  Can someone help?

atyoung's picture

Can you define cannot encrypt anything a little bit more. What are you trying to encrypt and how?

lsnover's picture


I open the Encryption Desktop application.

I pick the PGP Disk option.  

I then select "Encrypt Disk.." button

The "Encrypt Disk" window opens with a list of disks labled (Select a disk:). 

There are no disks listed.

All options are gray (Go Back, Continue)

Thank you,


lsnover's picture

Sure, it's a MacBook Pro Retina, Mid 2012

Model ID, MacBookPro10,1

Thank you

atyoung's picture

Ensure you have the latest firmware(s) installed on that model.

Buzzard M's picture


I am using a Mac Book Pro 15 inch Early 2011

I have successfully used Encryption Desktop on this machine with earlier OS and PGP

I just upgraded to OS 10.9.1 and Encryption Desktop 10.3.2

I have the same issue as Isnover.  The PGP disk Encypt Disk does not show the machine's internal hard drive.  It does show an external thumb drive and I am encypting that as a test at the moment.

How do we enable Encryption to see and encrypt the internal hard drive?

Buzzard M's picture


The thumb drive encypted fine and I have been able to encrypt and decrypt messages.  I shut down the machine and then started again.  This time the internal hard drive appeared in the Encrypt Disk option.  It is encrypting now.

Sue H's picture

Hi all,

I just want to let you know that our QA team has certified that Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.2 works with Mac OS X 10.9.1 (and this includes Symantec Drive Encryption 10.3.2). We haven't yet updated the system requirements in the release notes or the system requirements on the support site, but I know you all have been wanting support for 10.9.1 so I wanted to let you know as soon as it was certified!

System requirements will be updated by tomorrow.

I hope this helps!


Sue H's picture

Hi all,

I just want to let you know that our QA team has certified that Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.2 works with Mac OS X 10.9.2 (and this includes Symantec Drive Encryption 10.3.2).

We have also certified Symantec Encryption Desktop 10.3.1 MP1 with Mac OS X 10.9.2 (also includes Symantec Drive Encryption 10.3.1 MP1).