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Symantec End Point Protection RU6 MP2 Vs. Microsoft Security Essential 2010

Created: 29 Jan 2011 | 5 comments
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Dear All,

Now a days i have alot of People moving for Microsoft Security Essential and removeing Symantec Endpoint

And Compression

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Just because its Microsoft product you shouldn't just jump into conclusion that it will work better than any 3rd party software.

If Microsoft would have been vulnerability free OS we wouldn't need a AV in 1st place.

Vikram Kumar

Symantec Consultant

The most helpful part of entire Symantec connect is the Search use it.

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Given the fact that MS Security essentials is a consumer class AV product I doubt medium to large companies are rePlacing their enterprise AV software with it. NO central management, reporting, etc... With security essentials. What about firewall, IPS, app device control, etc...? Relying on only a signature based AV moving forward is a failure from the start.

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I believe the License agreement also prohibits businesses and corporations from installing MS security essentials. This is why MS has Forefront for companies

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MSSE is free so you get what you "pay" for so to speak.....and thatdude's post above pretty much sums it up when it comes to free AV products.

The one thing I will add is that if you are strictly relying on AV as your only line of defense, you're in some very serious trouble.

Also, ALL Antivirus products cannot catch everything out there. It's basically a race to the finish for who can write definitions the fastest and get them out. Many people on this forum like to claim Malwarebytes is far and away better than SEP. While I do use Malwarebytes/Hitman Pro as a second opinion scanner if SEP doesn't catch something, I have seen numerous times where Malwarebytes/Hitman Pro misses stuff that SEP catches. Unfortunately, signature based AV is starting to become a thing of the past. There are so many criminal groups out there hell bent on making money that their malware writing techniques are very advanced to the point where they can easily bypass AV.

I think you'll see good things in the new SEP coming out in the next few months, which is based on file reputation scanning.

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Note that security essentials lacks central management/reporting features as stated above.It is meant for home use.(not for large enterprises)

Microsoft allows use on up till 10 computers for small businesses.Security essentials should not be used on more than 10 computers,this would imply violating their terms of use

In terms of protection capability,Symantec is much more advanced and stronger antimalware technology compared to Microsoft.

Refer to these testing lab reports:

(Look for norton antivirus/internet security which use same virus definitions as SEP)

Prahveer Kumar
BSc(Hons) Mathematics - year 2 student
University Of Technology,Mauritius