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Symantec Endpoint Encryption Communication

Created: 29 Nov 2010 | 1 comment


When the Client communicates with the Management Server it uses SOAP over HTTP(s)

I was wondering what data is being sent from and to the client?

Is the encryption key also being sent initially over this protocol to the management server to store the key in its database?

Is it necessary to implent https?

Can anybody send me a link where I can get more technical documentation about the product and the way is works?



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If you plan to use optional HTTPS communication between Client Computers and the Management Server, you must install a server-side TLS/SSL certificate on the Management Server, and provide a client-side TLS/SSL certificate
when prompted during installation of the Management Server

The server-side TLS/SSL certificate must be valid for IIS and possess the following characteristics:

1. Valid during the period in which it will be used.
2. Enabled for server authentication.
3. Contain the private key.
4. Have a common name (CN) that matches the name of the Management Server exactly, as set in the Web Server
5. Issued by the same certificate authority that issued the client-side TLS/SSL certificate.
6. Installed in the local computer personal certificate store of the Management Server.

Here the links for product documentation.