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Symantec Endpoint Encryption One Time Password

Created: 19 Jan 2011 | 3 comments

Hi All,

Need help if possible.  I'm wanting to roll out the one-time password install to our helpdesk so they can help users that have issues when they call.  Only thing is when I install the Framework.msi and one time password.msi files onto their machines it then asks for the SA SQL password when accessing it via an MMC.

I don't want to give the helpdesk staff the SA password and their network accounts do not have permission to access the server.

Any ideas on how I can roll out the one-time password install to the helpdesk without giving them higher admin rights or the SA password?

Thank you,


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VSK's picture


Please  see  this:

Granting Access to the One Time Password (OTP) Help Desk utility without sharing AdamAdmin credentials or granting full control


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Hi Vishal,

Thanks for this.  Do you happen to know how I would create the connection?  Is this a firewall rule at all?

Kind regards,


  1. Create a connection to the localhost on port 389 (default), connected to the Symantec Endpoint Encryption instance with administrative privileges.