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Symantec endpoint protection firewall stop internet connection

Created: 07 Nov 2013 • Updated: 07 Nov 2013 | 3 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

HI All,

Symantec endpoint protection firewall stop internet connection or all lan connection except sepm server

Can anyone suggest how default rules is work because If I disable or remove all rules form Symantec firewall after that I face this issue

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Have you created any rule? check which rule is blocking the connection and create necessary port and destination.

Here is the catch...

Allow IP Traffic - This means that if any traffic doesn't match the firewall rule(either allow or deny) and if this option is checked then that particular traffic will be allowed. Sometimes we configure the firewall rule in such a way that we add only rules that allows a particular traffic and we do not add a rule at the bottom to deny traffic which doesn't match the above rules. If "Allow IP Traffic" is not checked then it will act as the bottom rule(deny all traffic)to drop all the packets except for the traffic which is generated from some applications(prompts user to allow or block traffic from that particular application). By default this option is checked so that it does not block all traffics other than specified in default firewall rule immediately after installation.

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If you completley with draw the firewall policy it should disable the the firewall component on the client. If you disable the all the policies within the firewall policy the firewall element is still active on the client but without an enable all traffic rule enabled in the policy will simply block all traffic.

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Thanks for reply

I got two firewall rules which is related to this

My problem is resolved

  1. Allow ping, pong and tracert
  2. Allow all applications

If we disable all rules except above two than it not block anything.