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Created: 24 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

Hello Everyone,

Can someone assist me and answer the following, what does mean on Exchange Mailboxes > Mailbox Advanced field

Youngest archived item:

Oldest archived item:

In this case for example it shows date for youngest archived item: 18/11/2003

Tried to search in that mailbox and subfolders and all could find > emails only archived from 2011 years.

That user claims that he lost all emails that were archived before 2011 years... I cann't believe that he could do that manually, because there are a lot of subfolders.


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It might be an attachment to an email.

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I have the same. Users complaining that suddenly their old emails have dispappeared.

What might have happend (in my case...) is that the SHORTCUTS to the archived items have been removed, because thay were older than the set time in the expiry of shortcuts.

To verify, have the user perform a search in the Search Archive for old(er) mails.

In addition, it might be you have expiry running on the archives?

My guess is user is not seeing old icons anymore, and shortcut expiry would explain this.

Thank you, Gertjan, MCSE, MCITP,MCTS, SCS, STS

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Gertjan, I think you might be close to the mark there.  Further investigation in relation to attachments, and the points that you noted are best advised, I think.

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Hello there,

Well, regarding attachment I don't know, maybe... But I dont believe that E-Vault even check for date of attachments...

Expiry is set to never.

Shortcuts in this case are not the case, as search was performed on archive with subfolders marked.


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So have the user show you what they're seeing, and then use Search.asp?advanced and do a blanket search ordering by oldest archived item to newest archived item, and you can see what items the user has.

So then if you get results, have them show you how they cannot find old items, because it still sounds like a shortcut issue