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Symantec FileStore 5.7 MP1: Documentation Available

Created: 31 Aug 2012 • Updated: 12 Sep 2012 | 2 comments
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Documentation for Symantec FileStore 5.7 MP1 is available at the following locations:

PDF versions: SORT documentation page

The Symantec FileStore 5.7 MP1 documentation set includes the following manuals:

Symantec FileStore Release Notes

  • Symantec FileStore Release Notes

Symantec FileStore Guides

  • Symantec FileStore Installation Guide
  • Symantec FileStore Command-Line Administrator's Guide
  • Symantec FileStore Web GUI Administrator's Guide
  • Symantec FileStore Replication Guide
  • Symantec FileStore Troubleshooting Guide

Legal Notices

  • Symantec FileStore Third-Party License Agreements

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i would like to share a single file system using CIFS and NFS protocols.

Users on Microsoft Active Directory and  Unix LDAP will share the common files which will reside on SAN/NAS.

is it possible through filestore ?

also would like to know difference between filestore and virtualstore



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Yes this is possible.  In essence Filestore is just VCS + SCFS sharing out filesystems using CIFS and NFS, so you could just buy VCS and then you have choice if you need SFCFS (sharing the same filesystem from multiple nodes concurrently) or SF (where you can still have multiple servers, but any given filesystem is only shared from one host), but this requires you know how to use SF and VCS, which is where FileStore is useful because although it is VCS + SFCFS under the hood, you get an Appliance like GUI to manage the NAS store and I believe you can buy FileStore as software to load onto Linux, or buy the hardware preinstalled from Symantec like you would a NetApp server.

I don't know much about VirtualStore, but it looks like this is geared to provisioning virtual servers, rather than virtual Storage and the provisioned virtual servers use NAS provided by VirtualStore for their storage.


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