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Symantec Ghost and File Preservation

Created: 05 Oct 2013 • Updated: 05 Oct 2013 | 1 comment
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Hi all,

I'm hoping this is a no brainer and that I've missed something obvious.

I'm deploying ghost images to hidden folders on our PCs so that machines can be quickly rebuilt/upgraded on demand.  When the computer requires a rebuild, the following happens as DS tasks are executed,

  1. Production: Embedded Bootworks partition installled
  2. Client reboots into Automation
  3. Automation: Bootworks is uninstalled
  4. Automation: Ghost image from production partition deployed
  5. Client reboots
  6. Production: OS installs from mini-setup

One of the problems I'm facing with this time. The Ghost imaging is lengthy as in batch mode is always wants to preserve the source image that copied over in advance to the production partition,


When executing Ghost In interactive mode, I can simply say I don't want to keep the image and click "Delete" when prompted instead of "Preserve",


When I select 'Delete' here, imaging starts instantly; Ghost now understands that it doesn't have to waste time preserving the image files.

So the quesiton is, how do I run ghost in batch mode with the delete option for the source images. Anyone know of a way of doing this?

The command I'm running at the moment is,

ghost32 -sure -batch -clone,mode=prestore,dst=1:1,src=1:1\temp\win7-z64-unified-sysprep.gho:1 

Kind Regards,

I'm using Ghost 11.5.1 which comes with Deployment Server 6.9.

Operating Systems:

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Ian Atkin, IT Services, Oxford University, UK

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