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Symantec Mail Gateway Blocking Incoming SMTP with 554 5.7.1

Created: 01 Apr 2013 • Updated: 09 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Got a Printer situated on a remote office wich can authenticate with user name a password, also a billing server wich can also authenticate with user name and password, before the addition of the Symantec Mail Gateway Appliance the authentication happened at the TMG layer, right now i have to place a publish rule on the TMG to force all SMTP on port 25 to the mail gateway in order for all my mail to be filtered. This is working great for users and ipad and iphones and every other device.

I am having issues with a Printer and a VoIP Billing solution wich needs to be able to send email for reporting reasons and the Printer is a MFP so it used to scan docs and send them via email.

The accounts are all authotized to send i can confirm by loggin in to the Outlook Web Portal and sending a fewa emails.

If i remove the Mail gateway and put the authorization back on the TMG all works again.

Printers comes from a PUBLIC IP, so does the VoIP Billing device, i can clearly see the connection been rejected at the anti Spam top rejected reports.

On the printer i have no errors but on the VoIP solution a i can a distinct error 554 5.7.1.

Please help.

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What does the Message Audit Log entry show when you look up the IP addresses as the Connection IP?

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Hello Again :-)

Nothing shows up, but if a run a report for rejected connections i can see both Public IPs in there.

I know the TMG is not blocking since i can leave a filter query running and i can see the SMTP port open and closing just like in a normal mail connection, no errors.

I have also added the public IP of the printer and billing part of the HUB Transport of my Exchange just to make sure.

Any spcific option you want me to have a look at.

So far i have disabled all security based on Directory Integration and will leave the TMG to do the job.

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Maybe check the reputation of the public IPs under Reputation -> IP Reputation Lookup to see why it is getting rejected. The 554 5.1.7 doesn't tell us the reason it is being blocked, so if you can obtain the full rejection message we may be able to help you further.

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After ton of troubleshooting, i have managed to configura SMTP forwarding instead of using a LDAP source, and allowed on the HUB side of the exchange that PUBLIC IP to connect anonymously.

Printer is now sending emails. :-)

Not the preferred option but well it works.

Thanks for you help.