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Symantec Mail Security 7.0

Created: 08 Feb 2013 • Updated: 08 Feb 2013

Hi there!

I recently installed SMSME 7.0 on a server with Exchange 2010.

The Exchange was migrated from version 2003 from another server. This server had the SMSMSE 6.0.

As we can't export the policies from version 6.0 and import them in 7.0, i recreate the policies manualy in 7.0.

Everything was ok, but, if i add a user to SMSMSE Admin he can't login into the console (the previously version (6.0) was not uninstalled).

I followed this two articles but the problem persists.

Then i think that a reinstall could solve the problem. I reinstall SMSMSE 7.0 and now i can't logon in the console with any user inclusive the user that made the installation.