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Symantec Mail Security for SMTP 5.01 Bounce problem

Created: 07 Jul 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment
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I have SMTP 5.01 with Patch 201.All has been working well. Recently I notice a problem with the mail server sending large emails or somthing.

I notice my bandwith on the server rise to over 25Mbs. I then do a Packet Caputer on the router. What I find is the server is be sent something from an IP number then the server Send something back on port 25. When I block the IP number inthe router problem goes way.

I just can't figure out what is going on. If I search in the software portal the ip number does not show. This is trashing my Internet pipe.

I checked all my policies and have none that boune. We do not and can not use LDAP.

Any thoughts.


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So are you saying that the SMS server is sending large emails? What IP is it that is sending on port 25? The only thing that I could think of would be our Misidentified Messages section. If you go to the Settings tab, then Quarantine under System Settings, is "Symantec Security Response" checked under Misidentified Messages?

This sends back to Security Response if a message is released from your quarantine.

Maybe you could clarify where the messages are coming from if this does not help.