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Symantec Management Agent Install (7.1)

Created: 30 Jul 2012 | 9 comments


I was trying to deploy Symantech Management Agent 7.1 to all the computers in our network and getting an error messages as follows

1. Failed to push Symantech management agent error 1396.

2. The network path was not found.

I was able to install the agent manually. but when I try to deploy around 300 computers its gives me error message.

Attached is the error message.


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Do these troubleshooting KBs help at all?

How to troubleshoot a failed Altiris Agent push,  Altiris 6:

Information on the Altiris Agent Installer Service's AeXSWDinstSvc.exe, Altiris 6:

Information on the Altiris Agent Installer Service's AltirisAgentInstSvc.exe, Altiris 7:

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I am not sure, how these articles should fix my problem, but it is very informative articles.


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Hi Shakeelmo

This could be related to firewall, if you have a firewall enabled on the client, that could definently be your problem.
It you could try pinging the machine from your NS, in order to see if the IP does get resolved as it should via DNS.

If your clients are not a member of a domain, you also need to have enhanced filesharing enabled.


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Hi mortenleth,

Yes, firewall is enabled in all the clients in our organizaion.You mean I should disabled it and try to push the installation for the agent.


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Hi Shakeelmo

Well, to be honest, i think that that is a bit drastic.
For sure that is why you experience problems, because the solution tries to get in contact with the client prior to installing.

What i think you should rather do is make an exception in your firewall configuration, so that your NS can get in contact with the clients.


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Hi Morten,

What are the configuration changes you want me to do in the firewall ?, so that I can push the remote installation of management agent.




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Hi Shakeelmo,

You Ideally don't want to disable the firewall, I had to create a logon script to enable file & print sharing and network discovery then we could push the agent:

netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group="network discovery" new  enable=yes
netsh advfirewall firewall set rule group="File and Printer Sharing" new  enable=Yes


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check the windows firewall is disable or not and check the client telnet on port 445 and 443.