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Symantec Management Platform site address

Created: 16 Dec 2012 | 1 comment
Hi All,
can we change the web assress of Symantec Management Platform. Like as we have a system as NS71.sym.test and when we install the SMP then it by default get the website address as http://NS71.sym.test but I want to use the web address as http://altiris.sym.test how can I acomplish this.

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Andrei Malinovski's picture

This request is more applicable to IIS, than to ITMS as even without it installed deafult web site still exists in IIS and available using default name.

In case you rely on internal DNS that you can alter - easiest way would be to keep old entry of NS71.sym.test for this machine and add another entry altiris.sym.test, pointing to same machine. But note that in case you use HTTPS to access console - name should be matching one in certificate.

In case you want to change hostname of machine running SMP - just follow procedure described in article

Hope that helps!