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Symantec MDM 7.2 (ex Athena) for SCCM assistance required

Created: 05 Mar 2013 | 1 comment

Hi Guys

I need some guidance with regards to Athena for SCCM 2007.  

We have setup Athena for SCCM in our enviroment and are able to register iOS and Adnroid devices both internally and externally. We are able to push profiles to iOS devices and to an extent Andriod devices... We are alos able to publish applications to iOS Devices, but not Android.

I need to find out how to do the following under Athena 7.2 for SCCM:

1. Publish and install Certificates/Profiles to Andriod Devices

2. Set Devices to check in or re-inventory - we have devices registered that have not checked in recently, affecting our reporting abilities

3. Block Rooted or Jailbroken Devices - the web.config is set to Not Allow Rooted or Jailbroken devices, however we are still able to register

4. Publish Goolge Apps to Andriod Devices

It seems that Athena 7.2 for SCCM is very limited in what can be done via the MMC, and we are struggling to get the above done.

We have reached out to Symantec, however have yet to receive assistance!!!

Will appreciated any assistance for my first post!!!


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Below are some answers:

1- Use mobile library to provide the certificate or a link to the certificate where it shold be protected via windows authentication.

2- you can right click any device and send a notification for the device to send it's inventory. (default interval is 24 hours) i don't suggest you to change that.

3- If after changing the value of allowing rooted devices to false, and still devices enroll and able to fully communicate please contact technical support for more assistance.

4- Use mobile library, provide a link to the playstore OR, provide the APK file.