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Symantec MDM solution enrollment

Created: 04 Aug 2012 | 1 comment


I'm trying to test the MDM solution, i'm totaly new to this product and i'm confused.

i was able to install the platform on a windows 2008 sever R2 virtual machine and then proceeded to see how can i enroll an IOS device.

According to the products documentation i should generate an APNS certificate and here is the portion of the documentation where it's mentionned.

Generating an APNS Certificate Request (Symantec Mobile Management 7.1 User Guide, 2011, p. 38)

Note: In addition to hardware requirements and software requirements, you must meet the following requirements before you can set up and install a Mobile Device Management certificate:

  • Be a member of the iOS Developer Enterprise Program. You can sign up for membership of the OS Developer Enterprise Program at the following URL:
  • Have a Mobile Device Management agreement. You must contact Apple directly to acquire the agreement. The agreement allows your iOS Developer Enterprise Program membership to send MDM commands through the Apple Push notification service.

after following the link and trying to get an Apple entreprise developer account which is not simple at all as i need a D-U-N-S number and wait 14 days...

so please is there anyone here that already did it, i really need some guidance. should i do it or there is another method to generate this certificate ?!

because when i read this i get confused 

A number of third-party vendors have MDM solutions that support iPhone and iPad. Once you have selected a product that best suits your requirements, you're ready to get started.

To use MDM, you’ll need to install an SSL certificate obtained from Apple on your MDM server. This certificate enables your server to securely communicate with the Apple Push Notification service. Requesting a certificate is simple and free. Follow these instructions to get started:

  • 1.Contact your MDM vendor to request a signed Certificate Signing Request (CSR). Your vendor will sign a CSR and deliver it to you.
  • 2.Once you have a signed CSR from your vendor, visit and sign in with a verified Apple ID.
  • 3.Click "Create a Certificate” and agree to the Terms of Use.
  • 4.Select your signed CSR and click upload. After a moment, your certificate will be available for download.
  • 5.This certificate can now be uploaded to your MDM server for use with the Apple Push Notification service.

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Check the below article which explains the whole process.