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Symantec Messaging Gateway Alert - Hardware failures (8260)

Created: 30 Mar 2012 | 5 comments

I have an 8260 anti-spam appliance, and I've been recieving the error/email alert notification for awhile now.  The email really explains nothing other than report that there is a hardware failure.  It says "Host: local host", "component: DISK", "Problem: Fail".

Now, let me state that I've lost 2 HDDs before on this very unit, it is hot-swapable and the HDD rebuilt itself without incident.  This was under version 8.x.  So,now the disk has once again failed but this time the appliance is at version 9.5.3-3.  I bought a new (exactly the same) HDD, swapped it out at four days ago.  The LED lights on the physical unit all look okay.  There are NO amber/orange lights flashing as when an error is present.  Everything is green.  So, to me, it looks like it is okay; however, the LEDs for the new HDD don't seem to flash as often as the original HDD (perhaps because it is solely for RAID/mirror).  What concerns me is the email alert notifications which state there's a hardware failure, yet explains nothing about it nor how to remedy this.  My question is this.  What can I do to diagnose the issue?  If Symantec looks up my email addy, they'll see that I've been loyal to them for over a decade.  I hope this issue can be resolved.  maybe the issue lies in the new updates???  I really don't know.  I'm at a loss.  The new drive I'm using is brand new and shouldn't be failed as well.

Any help or advice is GREATLY appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

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First off, you should know that the 8260 is not supported on version 9.5.3. This server is most likely 6 years old or older by now and does not have the resources to run this software.

Second, this is a Dell appliance, so you would want to go to Dell's support site for hardware troubleshooting. I would suggest downloading their 32-bit diagnostics package, making a USB thumb drive and booting the appliance from it to run a diagnostic. It can be downloaded here:

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Actually, I didn't now that.  I love when the appliance has updates and lists them, that there's really not a mention about compliance with the 8260.  Unless, of course I missed it.  Well, what does it now mean that the version is updated?  Can I roll it back somehow?  When I perfom a backup, it backs up to the appliance itself, as I don't have an active FTP server atm.  You mentioned 6 years old, and you are correct.  Funny thng is, I'm at a non-profit organization with very limited cash - buying a new appliance is simply not an option.

Regarding the Dell download.  It looks to be an exe.  Thta said, is it the type that I have to extract the contents and then put them on USB, then boot from appliance?  I'm not familiar with Linux.  Thanks for your help.

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If your company has already invested in  Virtual Infrastructure ,you may wanna Try Brightmail Virtual Edition .It is supported on Vmware ESX and ESXi 4.1.

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So, in the meantime, I'm screwed from what I gather here.  I have no real funds to invest in much of anything at this stage.  There's no way to roll the updates I applied back to a version that supports my hardware?  I may loom into alternatives if that is the case.Thanks for your help.  Any harware solutions?

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Are you re-construct or add the new disk to the raid ?

Because I faced the same issue on 8380 after I change the failed disk. Web GUI continued give error. I re constructed the and and after that the problem solved. But you may be carefull because after the reconstruction there may be need for new OS installation. ( On my case no need for OS after re constract every thing is ok.)


Cemile Denerel BAŞAK

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