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Symantec Messaging Gateway VM with 3GB of RAM

Created: 03 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

Hello everyone!

I was just wondering if it´s possible to install Symantec Messaging Gateway 10 VM with just 3 GB of RAM assigned. The SMG Installation Guide indicates that a minimun of 4 GB is required but actually I can just assign 3 GB of RAM to the VM. I have plans to expand memory in my VM environment in 4 weeks.

So I have this doubt, is there is some restriction to install SMG 10 VM with only 3 GB of RAM.

Thank you all!

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It may fail on the requirement check if it detects the minimum is not met. 8 GB is the recommended while 4 GB is the minimum.

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It is possible, yes. You can install with 3GB of RAM, but you won't really want to run the appliance with that little. You definitely will not want to put it in production and testing will need to be light. With that little RAM, errors will crop up easier and processes will potentially fail.

Also, the memory needed varies based on Role. You will need more RAM for a Scanner/Control Center combo box.

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Depends on your mail traffic, can share?

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i am currently running the Messaging GW with 4 GB of memory. Usually at our environment ( 40 Mail users ) Messaging GW is using about 3 GB of memory.

of course you can assign only 3 GB of memory. If there were many messages in the queue the delivery of mails could take longer. i would give it a try...

but it all depends on your traffic...