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Symantec Mobile Management Server Requirements Hardware

Created: 22 Aug 2013 | 5 comments
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I need to kwon what is tha exacly System requierements of processor, ram , disk space ,etc to install a stand alone MDM

Operating Systems:

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i can't find information for the stand alone version of Symantec MDM on the internet or in Partnernet. But i think the requirements are the same as for the Altiris/SCCM version. The system requirements (CPU, RAM, HDD) depends on your number of mobile devices. The requirements for the certificates or firewall configuration are the same.

I have a fresh installed version of MDM for SCCM. If it may help you, i can take a look at my database size et cetera.



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Here is requirement

4 GB RAM minimum
5 GB free Hard Drive (minimum)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 x64 R2
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (SP2/SP3/SP4) or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP1/SP2/R2/R2,SP1). SQL Server Express will do for testing and for installations serving less than 500 devices.
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
Microsoft Silverlight 3.x, 4.x, 5
Microsoft IIS 7.5 (IIS 6.0 compatibility)
Internet Explorer 7,8, or 9
JRE 6 or higher

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All the above posts are for the SMP. Does the stand alone version of MDM requires SMP? We have 3 versions of MDM: Stand-alone, Altiris and SCCM.



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Yes it's built ontop of the SMP, you need the management server installed to install and utilize MDM. 

I'm not sure what stand-alone version you have, I was always advised it needs the SMP to function. 

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please find the info form below connect forum link

Symantec Mobile Management 7.2 MR 1 Implementation Guide

Article:DOC5662  |  Created: 2012-05-31  |  Updated: 2012-10-12  |  Article URL
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