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Symantec NetBackup Enterprise Server 7.5 After Download

Created: 02 Apr 2012 | 10 comments

Dear All,

After I download the files for the Symantec NetBackup Enterprise Server 7.5



I used the copy /b command on windows to join them but I failed to extract the created file or use it, it says  The archive is either in unknown format or damaged and that was when I tried to extract it using winrar.

After using winzip to do so I was able to access the file and run it successfully.



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Can you post the exact command you used to join them, including the output file name?

I assume you named the output file with a .zip extension?

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Did you verify md5sum of your downloaded files ?

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Ahmad is 'just sharing information'.

He is saying 'don't use winrar to extract, use winzip'.

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Ok, I'm sorry. I read his post too fast. I hate my english level.

For information, las time, I had last issues with 7-zip extraction of big appliance update (3GB). Extraction was ok but file seems to be corrupted for the appliance. Sereral extractions gave me files with different md5sum results 8-o

I did extraction with gunzip on the appliance, and it worked perfectly.

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I am not clear what is needed as well to extract these files.

Can someone provide some detailed instructions?


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Windows: use Winzip

Unix: use gunzip

Will Restore -- where there is a Will there is a way

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The file doesnt get recognized in winzip..

I am trying to open to extract. I must be missing something!

Is there a particular function that is required?

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Along with the download files, you will see a little document on FileConnect that looks similar to 'NetBackup_7.5-Split_1ofN.txt' (not sure of exact name).

This little text file should contain the following:

1. Download all similarly prefixed image files, for example, "_zip.1of2" and "_zip.2of2".

2. Run the appropriate command to join the .zip files together:

copy /b "NetBackup_7.5_Win_zip.1of2"+"NetBackup_7.5_Win_zip.2of2" ""

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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when downloading the zip.1of2 file(1.7GB one) it's actually being donwloaded with "" name.

i've tried renaming it to 1of2 and joining the packages togeter but the end result is not recognized by winzip(is says the file is corrupt)

any thoughts on the matter?

thank you,


redownloaded everything, renamed the first file, combined the packages..... success :)