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Symantec NetBackup hardware vs. software throughput question

Created: 31 Oct 2013 • Updated: 24 Jun 2015 | 3 comments
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We are implementing the Symantec NetBackup hardware solution for WinTel and UNIX in production, BUT will be using the software solution at our Disaster Recovery site. I'd like information from anyone who knows the throughput difference between the hardware vs. software solution.

I contend that the software solution is NOT a good solution for the DR site, but can't find any data to "back me up" (pun intended).

Thanks, ITGeezer

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Marianne's picture

You mean Appliance vs DIY Media Server Dedupe? 

I have not seen any documented throughput figures. 

We just know that Appliances are optimally tuned for performance and has LOTS of memory - more or less twice the amount of TB storage.

Then there is the matter of time and effort to install OS, patch, add Storage, install NBU, config....

See if attached pdf will help...

Datasheet_NBU_5230_Appliance_vs_Media_Server.pdf 1.93 MB

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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You could have a "build your own" that is faster than an Appliance - but it would all be down to the hardware specification and the O/S used

There are too many variables to pin down an exact answer as such but the new 5230 is very high spec (see the data sheet linked by Marianne)

The appliance has 12 cores, 128GB RAM, 5 PCI Slots with a PCI-3 3.0 Bus, nvram on the RAID card (no more BBU battery issues)

It uses a version of SUSE Linux which is also very effecient and comes with Veritas file system and storage manager

The lack of man hours to maintain it is a good argument as there are no Windows updates / O/S patches etc to worry about and of course you have a single point of call for any hardware, operating system or NetBackup issue - just call Symantec

Hope this helps

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Khajan's picture

Symantec Appliances come with many tools which would help in your Diaster Recovery needs. I have recently worked with a customer to set up two 5230s one in production Datacenter and one in remote DR Datacenter. By using Auto Image Replication on the production Master Domain, I can replicate and catalog all important backups to the DR Datacenter domain. By doing that we can have Instant recovery for those backup clients. You don't need to go through whole traditional way of 5-6 hours of Master Server Installation, importing catalog and starting Restores.

These appliances come with Deduplicatoin Disk Storage anywhere from 4TB-78TB, built in deduplication can signifciantly reduce your backup storage needs.

When you replicate between two sites on appliances, you're only sending newset of data using optimum deduplication technology, which reduce your bandwidth requirement. I did initial seeding on the primary Datacenter to avoid long intial seeding via th WAN.

Ease of Administration using same NetBackup Console or CLISH. You use OpsCenter to Montoring and Reporting purpose.

I hope this helps you..