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Symantec NetBackup of SQL Databases

Created: 05 Sep 2013 | 6 comments

Hi,  I need some community advice!

Running Symantec Netbackup on Windows Server 2008R2

SQL Server is 2008 on Windows Server 2008R2

ALL Netbackup Policies work perfectly

Have been doing manual backups of the SQL Databases, which has worked grewat, but they are still on that system.  Would like to incorporate the feature from NetBackup to back them up to my regular storage devices.

Long story - short.

Created the Storage Unit   -   then the policy.   NetBackup already backs up the SQL Server full and differentials with no problem.\

In the attributes of the policy I called SQLDatabases,  I chose the SQLServer as my client  and in the backup selections tab, I chose the batch (.bch) file that lists each one of the 34 databases.

I assumed that Netbackup would just pick the first database and walk the dog,  going through ALL of thewm as it wrote.  Not so easy, I found.

The job fails every time.  Even ran the Netbackup MS SQL CLient which only connects to Virtual SQL 05 when run from the NetBackup Master Server.

If I run it from the SQL Server, it automatically picks up the SQL10 databases.   Makes no sense.

The .bch file SQLDatabases looks like this:








Then it looks identical for 33 other clients.   The administrators guide doesn't clarify these last 3 of 4 settings for max transfer size, blocksize or numbufs, so I changed the above to the defaults of 0,1 and 1 respectively.

What other information do you need to get some ideas of how to help me fix this!

It does not read the SQL10 databases and ends with errors everywhere.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Sounds bit strange but couldn't get through exactly where you are stuck up with.

Check below vids for sql backups

Also refer below

For databases not getting backed up

create following log directories at client end



Try backup again and post output. You can even have a look your self. It does shows where is the gap.

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mate ur using script:








below parameters missing from ur script.

better to add DATABASE ALL rather than putting each database on the .bch script.
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Ok let's dig a little deeper to potentially find the root of the problem:

My Netbackup is running on a Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 system.

My SQL Server is MS SQL8  running on a Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 system

I have 34 databases that work with the SQL8

I also have SQL5 loaded in a virtual environment that interacts with 7 databases

If I start the MS SQL Client on the NetBackup Master (listed above) it only shows me the SQL05 refernces and databases.

In order to see the 34 databases associated with SQL8, I have to start the MS SQL Client on the SQL Server.

Why doesn't Netbackup recognize the SQL8 databases through this application?

This, I think is part of the problem.  Also think my .bch file is missing some parameters, but can't remember how I created it in the first place.

If the Netbackup server doesn't recognize the 34 databases, obviously I can't put an instance when this field doesn't populate.



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You should run the SQL GUI on the client itself - here you then set the authentication to the database which is stored locally on the client and used by NetBackup during the backup

If you have several instances to back up you will need to set the authetication for each instance

Your bch file looks to be missing its actual SQL Server name so i would recreate it on the client itself so that the authentication is set properly and so that the bch file is created on the client itself

It is usally best to use ALL databases for the full backups and ALL Except the Master Database for transaction logs (makes life simpler and if you SQL DBA adds a new database it will get picked up during the backup)

Try it this way and see how you get on - this is how it should be done

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Thanks Mark_Solutions

Think you are absolutelty right about the missing parameters within the .bch file.

Where was this file created initially and how do I start over to create a new one.....Should I leave with all 34 databases inclusive or use the $ALL.


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For the Full backups I would use ALL

Here is a quick guide

You need to set the NetBackup Client Service and NetBackup Legacy Network Service on the SQL Server to use an account that is both a local admin account and a sysadmin account for SQL

Login to the server using that account

Set the service accounts and re-start them

Open the SQL GUI and set the login if required

Create you new bch file(s) in the default directory (ALL for full backups, All except Master for transaction logs)

Try the policy again

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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