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Symantec NetBakup skipping folder and files while backup

Created: 25 Dec 2012 • Updated: 26 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


We are having the Netbackup as Master Server and also the Media Server on both are windows server, and we have issue in backup where the backup is skipping the particular folder and the files. In fact we dont have any Exclude List for that particular folders and files. Let me explain the below scenario 

NetBackup Master Server: Windows 2008 R2 x64 bit -> NetBackup 

NetBackup Media Server : Windows 2003 x86 bit -> NetBackup 

Tape Library:  HP MSL4048 with Library Firmware version 8.20 

We initially had a issue with the Tape Library Intermittently diconnecting and showing Drives only instead both Robot and drive. We have upgraded the Library Firmware, now it is showing One Robot and Two tape drives correctly in Master Server, whereas in Media Server it is showing 7 tape drives and 4 Robots. This problem is still persist. we thought of backing up the E:\ which is file server drive. In E:\ drive with have other few small folders and and one folder is IMAGES where all the information stored, when we try to backup the backup will backup rest of the folders and skip the IMAGES folder without any logs of skipping in backup job and job completes with Status Code 0 (there is no exclusion list for the folder). Then we have selected only E:\IMAGES folder in selection list to backup, but backup failed with Error code 90, mentioning nothing to backup, whereas the E:\Images has got millions of file with around 5 TB of data. 

It will be great if someone has any solution for this. Also if anyone come across the Tape Library issues, as it showing more drives and robots in Media Servers.


Shreeram Rane 

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its seems that the E:\IMAGES is being filtered by the VSS..and getting backup as a part of system state backup.

below doc will expline the same

lets do 2 tests to confirm this.

test 1:-

-keep the client verbose =5

- create a bpbkar log directory 

and only keep the backup selection as E:\ and try the backup, let the backup successfull .

-share the bpbkar log.

test 2:-

remove the bpbkar log from the client(move to another folder for future reffer)

keep the only system state and shadow copy componentes on the backup selection 

run the backup and let the backup successfull

then share the bpbkar log again.

attach both bpbkar logs to the post..

lets see what those logs say

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Check permission and ownership of E:\IMAGES as well as logon account for NBU Client service. The default account for this service is LocalSystem. 
Try to change this service account to a domain account with read and write permission on this folder.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
Handy NBU Links

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E:\Images has got millions of file with around 5 TB of data.

Is it DFS? What is the size of your shadow copy components?

Also please check the Exclude List in Host Properties for this client. Post bpbkar and it will show why it is missing

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Hi All,

Thanks for your usual support guys. I have done bit of a research on this problem. In fact other team which was running the Quest Secure Copy in the background to copy the data from E:\ drive to N:\ drive. the latest version of Secure Copy uses the Volume Shadow Copy to do copy of selected path or folder and locks it within VSS. So that is what the reason the file was getting skipped, but the backup job was getting successful with status code 0, without backup of the content within the folder. 


Shreeram Rane