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Symantec network Access Control

Created: 23 Jan 2012 • Updated: 30 Jan 2012 | 8 comments
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What is Symantec Network Access Control ? Why is it use?

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Great Topic ! :)

Symantec Network Access Control solution is a product that allow you to restrict or standardize your network with policies. You can do so many things with policies but simply you can check clients for ex. Any Vendors updated Anti-X solution or check Windows XP Service Packs or Patches etc.

If the clients don't fit the rules you can restrict access to network with DHCP enforcement or 802.1x integrated LAN Enforcement or you can do simply Self-Enforcement.

Please check the documents for more information:

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Dear Sir;

Thank you for your helpful info. but can you help me in this case:

at work we have SNAC, and it workes well till a power failuer has occured, when i checked the SNAC it gives errors, i tried to restart it, but it freezes at the booting black scree with the error message "SYSTEM HALTED" ...can you help me in this case?

Thanx in advance


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See also these Enforcer overview docs.  The Enforcer is an Appliance that Enforces the Network Access Control policies at the point of ingress.

LAN Enforcer Overview Doc:

Gateway Enforcer Overview Doc

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Does this checks for 3rd AV softwares updated def.s also??


Avkash K

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Yes, SNAC check 3rd party AV and def. updates........

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Please also suggest how to install snac in SEPM 12.1..?

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Hi vats,

there are two methods of SNAC installation

Here are the Steps:

a.) 1st verifie that the SNAC installation package that you have obtained the same version as the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM), then follow the steps below on integrating SNAC.

1. Extract the package to a temp folder.

2. Run the Setup.exe from the Root of the SNAC CD

3. Select Install Symantec Network Access Control

4. Select Install Symantec EndPoint Protection Manager

5. Click on Next

6. Click on next for the Data Collection

7. Click Continue

8. Click on Next for the Server Upgrade Status

9. Click on Finish to Start the SEPM Service and Console

10. Now you should have the Host Integrity installed.

b.) Manually copy the License file (SNAC.XML) from SNAC CD and add the packages to Client Install packages under SEPM.

1. Go to SEPM folder on SNAC CD and copy the snac.xml file.

2. Paste the snac.xml file inside "Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager\tomcat\etc\license" folder.

3. Restart the "Symantec Endpoint Protection Manger".

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Please, do NOT copy the snac.xml file as a "quick" method to installing SNAC.   While this worked for the 11x version of SNAC (when the file was copied to the correct directory), in the 12x version if you use the copy SNAC.xml method in 30 days your SNAC install will cease to function.

This is because the SNAC component in the 12x series dynamically updates the SNAC template polices using Live Update, and copying the SNAC.xml does not tick the checkbox in the Manager to download said updates.  According to what we have seen, once the templates are out of date/cannot update, SNAC ceases to function.

I work in support, and have fielded MANY cases where customers in 11x version copy the SNAC.xml to the wrong location, and have had a few cases with this aforementioned 12x issue.  Please, run the installer -- it only takes about 1 minute to complete, and you will save yourself from a headache later on.

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