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Symantec Patch Management - 'Air Gapped' Network

Created: 25 Jul 2014 | 1 comment

Hello all,

I tought I would throw this out there before going to the trouble of installing the trialware.

My Setup:

I have network A that is completely cut off from the internet in every way shape form possiable - but it has to be patched and updated.

I have network B that is a standard corporate network with internet access - and on a side note, networks A and B can not be connected. Remeber net A is an island.

My Question:

If I install a Patch Management 7.5 (PM) server on Network A and a PM on network B, can someone tell me with 100% accuracy if I can SneakerNet what I need from Net B to Net A to get PM to work correctly?


Operating Systems:

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I think it has been designed to be operated like that since 7.0:

"How do I configure Patch Management 7.1.X / 7.5 to operate without internet connection"

"... Copy the following folders to a location that can be accessed by the Non Internet facing server (UNC, DVD, etc)..."

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