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Symantec PcAnywhere host service did not start automatically

Created: 28 Apr 2014 | 2 comments

I have some machine after reboot the workstation but the Symantec pcAnywhere Host Service did not started automatically.

is anyway I can find out the report to see how many machines out there?

where is registry key I can look into this?

this is the problem I have in our environment that helpdesk people try to help user with pcAnywhere, but the service did not start then pcAnywhere won't work.



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Try the basiv inventory table for services to see if it has the status column.


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Great, I found the info I need, I run the query like this, I run the report, but sometime I found the startup is empty on some of user's machine, how can I capture those machine with query?

select distinct [guid] AS [_ItemGuid], as [Machine Name], vc.[user], vc.[ip address], vc.domain,

inv.[Description] as [Discription], inv.[startuptype] as [Startup Type]

from vcomputer vc

join inv_aex_ac_nt_services inv on inv._ResourceGuid = vc.guid

where inv.[startuptype] like '%manual%' and

inv.[description] like '%symantec pcanywhere host service%'