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Symantec PGP Universal server and PGP client with Server network shares

Created: 18 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

We recently configured Symantec PGP Universal server 3.2.1 MP5 and then also created the PGP client, in which the users installed successfully. From my understanding the PGP client also includes Netshare. We only use the Symantec PGP to encrypt only 2 separate folders on one particular server on the network. We ran into an issue that if we install the PGP client on the same server that the folders were encrypted, then the other users on the network cannot access the shared folders on that same server.

If I un-install the PGP client off from the server, then the users can then access the server and server shares just fine. Does the PGP client change something on the server to prevent accessing network shares or even having network access from others? Is there something I can do fix this as we need the PGP client on the server too. We have other server services that access those encrypted folders and we need the PGP client locally installed on that server too.

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You just need to define access on the pgp desktop client on the server with the shares on, and specify names of who can access them etc.

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