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Symantec Protection Center

Created: 13 Jul 2012 | 3 comments

Does Symantec Protection Center need to run on ESX?  Is there a way to install it as software on another Windows server, or run it in Windows Virtual PC or Sun VirtualBox?

If I were to run it on ESX, do I need to purchase a Windows license or does everything run from the ISO?  I'm confused why this was released as a virtual appliance and not as a piece of software that I could install on a SEPM or another server.

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SPC 2.X is geared towards an Enterprise environment. It is most useful in a situation where you have two or more Symantec Enterprise Solutions, and you have multiples of those solutions. (Say 2-5 or more SEP 12.1 Servers, 1 PGP Server, SMSMSE for email, etc.)

It is a data aggregation and reporting server with console integrations so that you can consolidate your point of entry to manage those solutions. If you don't have multiple solutions, then this is not something that you will most likely benefit from. You are welcome to do so, but we believe it's target is a in a mid to larger sized environment.

Typically these types of environments don't use Virtual PC, VMWare Workstation, etc.

As such we haven't validated it on anything other than VMWare and as a stand alone server using Windows 2008 R2 Web Core.

For my home lab I have all of the solutions running on my i7 system with 24 GB of RAM, Windows 7 Pro, and VMWare Workstation 8.

As a supported solution you need to run it as described in the documentation. You can install it in a 64bit environment using Windows Server along with other items, but this has to be done manually, and again, is un-supportable. Typically we will need to remote to your system in the case of any troubleshooting, and if we determine you are configured using anything other than that documented in the user guides we may not be able to continue assisting you.

If you want to use the SPC 1.0 product you can do that right now on your SEPM, and in fact, the SPC 1.0 is already installed and waiting for you to use in on 11.0 RU 6 and higher. The SPC 2.0 product is only available off-box as an appliance, and only works with SEP 12.1 and later.

To be more specific about the answers to your questions:

1) Yes you have to purchase a Windows 2008 R2 NON SP1 WEB/Core license.

2) No, it doesn't have to run on VMWare. It can run as a standalone device as well. It can also be installed on other virtualization technologies, but we may not be unable to support you if it is determined that this is the cause of the issue you are facing.

3) The ISO is only used for the scripted WinPE 2.x installation of the underlying Windows 2008 R2 Web NON SP1 OS, and the seven different Symantec solutions that are combined to make this product a reality.

Hopefully that helps.

Best Regards.

Russ Scovel
Inside Systems Engineer

Altiris SOS – Endpoint Management and Mobility
Symantec Corporation

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I have 3 SEPM environments that I would like to report on.

So my SEP 12.1 server already has SPC 1.0?  How do I launch it.  I don't see an icon.

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1.0 is primarily used to bring the multiple consoles to a single location for quicker access. I have not used it much, and haven't looked at it for a very long time, so don't entirely remember everything about it.

You launch it by starting the web based SEPM page, and then choosing the link to "launch" Symantec Protection Center. (Bottom Left Item on the main SEPM Web access page). Or go to: http://YOURSERVERNAME:9443/portal and logon with admin as the username and admin as the password. After the initial logon you will be asked to change the password.

I started it up quickly, and there is a reports selection, but again, I don't remember what it has in the way of reports, and I don't have any SEPM available for integration at this moment, so am unable to provide any further details.


Russ Scovel
Inside Systems Engineer

Altiris SOS – Endpoint Management and Mobility
Symantec Corporation