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Symantec Protection Engine 7.5

Created: 21 Aug 2014

I am using stream scan java api to get a file scanned.

this is what i use from the API doc, there is no explanation on what the actualFileName is.

OriginalFileName is the the name of the file i want scanned

actualFileName - i have no idea what this needs to be. If it means what the file will land as on the SPE server? what do i care? Even if i do care, what name should i give this file? same name as my original file?

i tried leaving it empty but it fails. [ error message - all attempts to connect to SPE failed ]

Please help. Thanks.


public StreamScanRequest createStreamScanRequest(java.lang.String actualFileName,

                                                 java.lang.String originalFileName,


                                                 Policy policy)

                                          throws ScanException

The createStreamScanRequest method creates a StreamScanRequest with the specified Policy.


originalFileName - it is the name of the file to be scanned.

outputFileName - the name(path) of the file where the scanned file will be saved

policy - it is the enum and user has to choos the policy according to the requirement


StreamScanRequest instance



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