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Symantec Protection Suite

Created: 24 Oct 2012 • Updated: 24 Oct 2012 | 3 comments

Hi All,

I am working on a design document for a symantec protection suite enterprise edition which will be deployed to 15000 users divided in 5 locations / sites with active directory single forest multiple domain.

All sites are interconnected via dedicated fibre optic.

I am going through the protection suite docs like endpoint security 12.1 implementation guide and getting started guide .... I have a few questions :-

1) does Symantec protection suite (endpoint and desktop recovery) use active directory to discover and manage client workstations?

2) how do you suggest I should place Symantec protection manager and its dedicated SQL ? Centrally or two of these servers for each site ?

3) how should I ensure that clients in site 1 don't use the SPM in site 2 ? Do I specify preferred spm in client configuration?

4) can I push policies for all sites from one site or get them replicated ?

5) How vital is active directory for this product and does this product modifies active directory schema?

6) considering that I will be designing desktop recovery for the above number of clients .... Do we need to install two agents or one unified agent is enough?

7) what would your suggestion be on designing this given the above information ?

Will be most grateful for your assistance and please let me know if you need any further info on this

Thanks for reading

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Dear all,

Have I posted this in the wrong forum?
Will be grateful for expert suggestions

Also, as desktop recovery and endpoint protection are part of the Symantec protection suite, can we manage both via a single management console or two separate management servers ??


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1. For both we can use or not the active directory, if we integrate we can discover..

2. If you are using same DB means install 5 different SEPMs and SQL as one( Should be high power)

3. Its based on Domain ID install the SEPM as first site so it will not disturb the others

4. Yes u can, but you need to add other site as replica

5. No it will not change AD scheme..for desktop recovery it is very essential to have AD

6. only one agent is enough

7. Always make sure all the policies easily identicable and tracable in future.,

Thanks & Regards,


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