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Symantec representative required please

Created: 29 May 2012 | 10 comments

I purchased PCAnywhere v12.5 online from symantec, on the basis that it was compatible with version 11.5 as per your compatibility matrix.
However after problems trying to connect to 12.5 host from 11.5 remote, I posted on the forum and got a reply that version 12.5.5 is not compatible with any other version.

This is a problem because I cannot upgrade the 11.5 or I will loose connectivity with existing hosts.

Can you confirm that the v12.5.5 will only work with 12.5.5? and if so can I get a previous version that will work with 11.5..

If this is not the case then how do I get a refund as the product does not do what it says it does based on Symantec's compatibility matrix.

Because I was familiar with PcAnywhere, and the fact that I had already used v12.5 previously (obviously a different service pack), I did not purchase support with the product, therefore symantec support and customer service are unwilling to help.

I might add that this is the worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with from a customer support point of view for a long time. 

Any positive advice from a company representative would be most appreciated.

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Please dont mind and help me understand that the following mentioned on the compatibility matrix page is not applicable for the issue you are having as present - "When we refer to compatibility between versions of pcAnywhere, we mean that any currently supported version of pcAnywhere is able to connect to and function with any other version. However, differences between operating systems make it difficult or impossible for all the functionality of one version to work with another. Examples of this include remote drive mapping, automated procedures, scripting, and video display colors and resolution.

Because of these differences in versions, Symantec Technical Support does not recommend using mixed versions of pcAnywhere on a regular basis. Symantec Technical Support will not provide support for mixed versions of any software product other than the currently supported versions of pcAnywhere."



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With all due respect, I don't believe Jonme is asking for technical help getting mixed versions to interoperate. He wants a refund because the compatibility matrix is (now) incorrect. Despite what the compatibility matrix says--that "pcAnywhere is able to connect to and function with any other version of pcAnywhere"--in fact versions released before 12.5.5 cannot now, by design, connect to 12.5.5. I believe this is a case of the compatibility matrix not having been updated after the release of 12.5.5, but nevertheless people who did their due diligence and bought pcAnywhere v12.5.5 on the basis of the compatibility matrix's claim of version interoperability are IMO entitled to get their money back, and as I read his post, Jonme wants a Symantec representative to point him in the correct direction so he can proceed with a request for a refund.


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Thanks for your reply Gary.

I would like to say that all this has happened because 12.5.5 has been mentioned as 12.5 SP4 (Official Release Name) which is not compatible with any of the previous release and mentioned with "*****" as –

*****Due to security vulnerabilities discovered in early 2012, Symantec release a full new build in April of 2012.  Due to the nature of the new builds, these are not compatible with any previous versions.

Here I am really of no help for Jonme to provide expected direction but the matrix information should be modified to mention “12.5 SP4 is 12.5.5” for other customers.


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Yes GaryK, 

Thats exactly it.smiley

I know what the problem is now, however it was impossible to know beforehand as I had followed an out of date compatibility matrix and besides that, it is not indicated which specific version is supplied from the online store.

What I want as an outcome from this is for Symantec to either provide me with an earlier build that I can use  with previous releases (noting that Symantec will not support their products) Or a refund of monies paid.

I cannot put it any clearer than that!

Contacting Symantec support and customer services is an absolute joke. Support refuse to help because of no support contract and customer services say to contact support or the reseller - despite the fact that Symantec are the reseller ( well thats not the cast apparently because someone else runs the store on their behalf - so they can wash their hands of it) . Even the nice lady that i managed to get through to in some other UK department agreed that customer service was useless!

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I could well understand your grief here and no arguments from my side, but I need your help to locate the store site from where you have downloaded the pcA 12.5 SP4 (Version 12.5.5).

The matrix is up to date from the date of 12.5 SP4 release but I would like to make sure that the mentioned product name is same in the compatibility matrix and the store you downloaded the product from. So no other is leading to the confusion you have been through. This would be helpful for other users from your side indirectly.


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Thank you very much Jonme, with your cooperation I was able to figure out the problem -

1. This shared page has generic pcA release information

2. This shared page could have information of specific pcA version release alongwith compatibility matrix

No promises but will try to find out the solution of your present issue also as soonest possible.

Thanks again,


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Still no help from Symantec on resolving this. Dreadfully unhelpfull.

Can you please give me the contact details me who runs your online store so that I can get my money back.

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Hello Jonme,

If you purchased from, their Customer Service number is 1-800-745-6034.

If you purchased an enterprise license from, Customer Care numbers are 800.721.3934 or 541.335.7023.

Hope this helps.


p.s. My apologies.  I missed the reference to the UK.

Here is a number for your region.

+44 (0) 870 2431003