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Symantec Scan Engine

Created: 10 Jul 2012 | 7 comments

Two part question:

First, my apologies, this is pretty low level. I'm a "newb" to Scan Engine and just got thrown in the water. Struck out online so here goes.

1. We have an internal application allowing clients to upload files of various types. Those files need to be scanned. We've been using a different scanning system. The app has directed those files to: http://fqdn:port/servicename.asmx

We are replacing it with scan engine 5.2. So question 1 is, should I use ICAP or the Native protocol in this case?

2. This is the big one, and probably the silliest...What is the path or url I need to redirect the app to for scan engine? Is it something like: http://server:1344 (in the case of ICAP)? Or is there is a service name to append to the end, such as */wsdl.asmx?

Have been through the deployment guide and dug around, but I'm striking out. Many thanks...

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Native should not be used, only ICAP. Your internally developed program should be directing ICAP requests to port 1344. There is no path and you would not use HTTP.

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Haven't dealt with ICAP before, nor have the DEV folks so there's a lot of confusion. I understand that ICAP is similar to HTTP1.1 but don't know how to direct them to send the file (correct syntax if you will) to the server on the appropriate port. I was under the impression that it was carried via http. If I have my server configured for ICAP on port 1344 what "path" will I provide to them in order to redirect the files to it? (for example, in lieu of: http://server:port) Don't know how to designate ICAP as the transport protocol.

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I would recommend that they review our Software Developer's Guide:

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I wished I knew about Symantec Scan Engine before;it would've saved me lots of wasted time.Now I need some help with the implementation.Can I use the Java API plug-into integrate with Symantec Scan Engine ?if possible how?

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You can use the SDK and SDK guide to interact with the Scan Engine. I have attached the SDK guide.

Software_developers_guide.pdf 992.4 KB