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Symantec SEP 11.0.5 and Cisco AnyConnect Client

Created: 10 Jun 2010 | 3 comments

I have a customer in the US that is having real trouble with using the anyconnect client from Cisco for VPN connections in conjuncton with the SEP client. I have done a few searches on the web to see if anyone is using the AnyConnect client with the SEP client and there seems to be a few, including Berkeley University.

The consultants I have access to have no experience of deploying SEP 11 with Cisco AnyConnect.

Are there any companies out there using these two products together? If so have you had any issues? Resolutions?



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Hello Andy,
I have never use Cisco Anyconnect but i used another connect programs. Please try this;
Create a new group and move one client for test. and  witdraw firewall policy. (use the group without firewall policy) Therefore we will now your firewall rule blok Connect or not.

Best Regards.

 Everything works better when everything works together.

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We use SEP and Anyconnect together.  We are currently at RU5.  One probably we definitely have had (although unrelated to SEP) is that Juniper and Nortel Contivity VPN's must be uninstalled before installing Anyconnect.  Otherwise there is a really slow start up.  At least on Lenovo laptops.  Other than that everything seems to be ok with SEP and Anyconnect.

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The anyconnect client is using SSL for a layer 3 connection. Do you have DTLS enabled? What kind of trouble are the users having? Cant get connected? Get connected and then dropped? Get connected but slow speeds?

Could be MTU issues/fragmented packet issues, etc...