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Is Symantec System Recovery 2011 Small Business Server Edition compatible with Windows Server 2012, Essentials Edition?

Created: 10 May 2013 | 13 comments

Hi All,

A quick question here. I am just installing a server for one of our clients which is running Windows Server 2012 Essentials Edition. Does anyone know if Symantec System Recovery 2011 Small Business Server Edition is compatible with Windows Server 2012 Essentials Edition?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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No. The only version of System Recovery that is compatible with Windows 2012 is System Recovery 2013.

See here for more details (Page 9):

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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your reply.

When you say System Recovery 2013, will System Recovery 2013 Small Business Server Edition work? Just asking as Microsoft's website says Server 2013 Server Essentials is the latest release of SBS?



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Yes, as mentioned in the link I provided, SSR 2013 is supported with 2012 Essentials.

Where does it mention 2013 Server Essentials?

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Sorry Chris, I meant Server 2012, Server Essentials.

What I am trying to determine is that if both System Recovery 2013 Server edition and System Recovery 2013 Small Business Server Edition are both compatible with Windows Server 2012, Server Essentials?

I've looked at the below page but it doesn't state:

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The software for server edition and SBS edition are exactly the same. It's the license you use that determines whether it is plain server edition or SBS.

As 2012 Essentials equals SBS edition, you need an SBS edition license for SSR 2013.

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Hi Chris,

We have the 10 user Symantec Protection Suite Small Business Edition with current licence.  I downloaded all the software from the licencing site.  SSR and Endpoint Protection are part of the package.

We just migrated from SBS 2008 to Windows Server 2012 Essentials and our SSR licence does not work for us.  As it is a clean install with only the AD migrated I was expecting no issues. 

EndPoint Protection was a clean install and activation with just a touch for each client to get them pointing at the new server.  There was talk of a licence conversion?

Could you please advise.

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Is your SSR license for the 2011 or 2013 version?

Only SSR 2013 supports Windows 2012.

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Chris, we are on maintanance and the software is downloaded from the Symantec licence site so I must assume it is for the current version - 2013.  I understand the difference and that was my first impression.  Last renewal was December 2012.

Following your thoughts:

1) How does Symantec get the new numbers to us if not through the Licensing site?  I have not recieved an upgrade notice email.

2) Is there a way that the licence key can be checked?


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  1. I don't know as I'm not a license expert - you will need to check with our licensing team (aka customer care).
  2. If you send me a private message with details of the license, I can check it here.
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The license key is for SSR 2011 Desktop Edition which explains why it does not work with Windows Server 2012.

If you look at the following, you can see that the Protection Suite only includes licenses for SSR desktop, not server:

Hope that helps.

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Thanks Chris,

That helps and explains, we have over time migrated from Backup Exec and previous editions and always run the System recovery on the main server without issues.

I need to review the latest backup software that came with Windows Server 2012 Essentials to see if it is up to the job.  Else I will buy a licence.

Thanks again,