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Created: 24 Mar 2012 • Updated: 24 Mar 2012 | 3 comments

I have been having this problem for a very long time, it appear whenever I switch on the laptop:

Target:  C:\Program Files\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\SmcGui.exe
Event Info:  Write Memory
Action Taken:  Logged
Actor Process:  C:\Program Files\Norman\Npm\Bin\Zanda.exe (PID 1768)
I have include the Norman in the exception list. But it seems that it doesn't work. Also, everyday at a specific time (1am+), Google Chrome have this problem "Aw, snap" and the Symantec Endpoint Protection appear again. I have also include google chrome in the exception list. Can please tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks
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It's not a good idea using two AV products in the same computer. However you need to that you need to add an exception to Tamper Protection in the SEP Manager or Client for Norman.



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hope ytou have created exception list as mentioned in these articles

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I must agree on the running 2 AV on same PC part, it's not recommended..

any particular reason you doing this?