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Symantec WDE stopped working on MACOSX 10.8.5

Created: 10 Nov 2013 | 3 comments

I have Symantec Encryption (10.3.0 MP3) installed on MacBook Pro MACOSX 10.8 encrypted with FileVault 2. I use PGP WDE on external drives to transfer files between Windows and Macs. Until recently it worked fine and I had no problems of connecting and opening external drives on Mac.  However recently I think after upgrading to OSX 10.8.5 Symantec WDE has stopped working for external drives: when the drive is inserted the message comes that the drive is not readable.  Symantec WDE doesn't see the drive. When I turned FileVault off and reinstalled Symantec Encryption it started working again. The same problem was at the second MacBook as well.

Does anybody have this problem? How to solve it? Is there any fix on the Symantec side?

Thank you for help

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Decrypt your machine first before installing.

Use EITHER Filevault OR the WDE on your MacBook Pro/ boot drive

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Per our supported OS X article:

"10.8.5 - Supported with 10.3.1  (Build 13100) through 10.3.1 MP1 - Any prior versions of Symantec Drive Encryption should not be used with this OS version. "

Full article is here:

You would need to upgrade to Symantec Encryption Desktop version 10.3.1 or newer to be able to run it properly on OS X 10.8.5.  Previous versions are not recommended, and are not supported.