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symantec web gate way virtual edition default password

Created: 22 Dec 2011 | 8 comments
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i have some queries regarding symantec web gateway virtual adition.

i have studied implemetion guid but i am still unable to understand about configuring virtual lan switches.

1. please guide me step by step , how can i configur these switches.

2.  what is default user name and password of virtual machine.

3. how can i configur symantec web gateway in inline+proxy mode.

Its very critical situation for me , i hope you all people will help to get out of this wrost sitution.


shoaib latif

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The default username is admin
The default password is admin1!

For the virtual switch create a virtual adapter for Monitor, Management, LAN, WAN. They should be named exactly whati listed. You need to enable promiscuous mode as well.

I also don't believe inline is supported in the virtual edition, I've personally used the proxy mode and span/tap modes with virtual edition. Proxy mode will require the management and LAN network to be on different subnets. You should also check the box for use seperate inline interface within the GUI of the management console for proxy mode.

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"Symantec Web Gateway Version 5.0 Implementation Guide" Page 66, Table 4-1: "All network configurations are supported."

"Inline: This configuration is supported but not recommended" - the reason as I figured out is that bypass mode is unsupported.



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As thatdude mentioned, I don't think either of the "Inline" modes are supported in virtual edition.  Also it lacks the 'fail-open' capability present in the SWG appliance.

As far as the config and setup goes:

  1. Chapter 4 of the SWG 5.0 Implementation Gudies should sort you out here.  Step 6 is vital, as it tells you which virtual NICs on the VM do what, which should help you identify which virtual switch to connect these to, and which physical NIC to connect the virtual switches to.  An important thing to note is that you must have physical NICs free on your VM host to dedicate to the SWG virtual siwtches you want to use.
  2. The username/password to access the webconsole is configured in the setup wizard.  More details are in the implementation guide.  The creds provided by thatdude are for access to the CLI
  3. You'll need at least 3 NICs on your VM host for Inline+Proxy.  It's all in the documentation and far too much to type out here.  Do you have any specific questions?

All the SWG Implementation Guide can be found by following the below link:

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how can i make accessible swg . plz guide me with reference to above snap

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not sure what you mean by accessible but you can start by checking the actual IP address of SWG from the console above and then make sure the routing logic is correct from the SWG and client sides. 

You can use traceroute and ping from SWG, and similar from the clients to confirm.


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Go to option number 5

Change /Test Ip Configuration ===== > and give ip of ur own network.

By default IP is :

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Based on your printscreen your SWG won't work properly. As I know VMWare Workstation isn't supported. You should use ESXI instead of VMWare Workstation, because of advanced network settings options in ESXI.

For setting up network in virtual edition see: Symantec Web GatewayVersion 5.0 Implementation Guide page 71: "About adding the VMware LAN Network virtualswitches"

For accessing SWG see: Symantec Web GatewayVersion 5.0 Implementation Guide page 45: "Configuring a computer to access Symantec WebGateway for installation"