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Symantec Web Gateway blocking Youtube video

Created: 28 Jan 2013 | 3 comments
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Hi Guys,

I need to know if there is a possibility of blocking a single Video or Facebook application without blocking whole website through SWG?


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You can if you know the app url:

This KB article will give you an example of how to do so, althought this particular one applies to gmail chat but you can use it as a template

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You may have some luck using the "keyword" field in the blacklist as that is to be used to block portions of a site occuring after the domain name.

From the SWG help on the blacklist entry:

Use the Keyword field if you only wish to block some pages or just one page in the domain. Type a partial URL in the Keyword box if you only want to block a specific URL from the domain/IP. The Web Gateway will then only block pages in that domain if the address includes the partial URL. The site will be blocked only if the keyword is present in the URL. Multiple keywords are not supported when blocking by URL.

For example, if the Domain field contains "*" and the Keyword field contains "bad" then the Web Gateway will block and, but not

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Thanks Ben.. This is what I was looking for. I will try it and will update you guys with result.