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SymantecEndpointProtection -another application trouble

Created: 07 May 2012 • Updated: 09 May 2012 | 7 comments

Hello everyone,

I have some trouble with sql application during updates of *.JDB definitions.

I don't know if it is problem of another application..... but...


There is local network of 30 hosts and serwer.

SQL application with database on server is running.

When i start the updates with jdb definitions from the server , the Aplication of SQL Server hangs up on every network station with message "encounterd the problem". Each user have to restart the SQL application.

Please, help me

Does anyone know what is the reason?

I would be grateful fo any help

Thank You,



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when the other application hangs, get a complete memory dump on-demand and send it to the developers of that application.



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Thank you for tip

Unfortunately not only SQL application hangs but also another application , I'Ve noticed that every application which is started by network also hangs, maybe it concerns acces to network which is blocked  during update of *.jdb.

Any ideas?



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can you post the scm-server-0.log while it cannot process the jdb file?

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I can process the *.jdb file and every host is update with virus definitions, but application hangs

I attached scm-server-0.log



AttachmentSize 5.7 KB
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when the sql freezes what is the event id generated?

i do not think it could be becuase of the jdb file? though SEPm will process and updates the DB if it is using SQL.

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Two events:


Source: Application Hang

Category: (101)

event ID: 1002

Application......, module version address 0x0000000

- I don't know if it concerns:

Source: SymantecAntiVirus

Category: None

event ID: 45

target: C:\\Program Files\Symantec\SymantecENdpointProtection\12.1.1000.157.105\BIN\SMC.exe

event information: Open process

action: Zablokowany

source process : C:\PROGRAM FILE\JAVA\JRE6\BIN\JQS.EXE(PID172)

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During update process of *.jdb definitions the network connection  is blocked - that is why application hangs, after update the connection is restored  ,

I would be grateful for help