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Created: 31 Jul 2012 | 3 comments

Anyone know what this is?  It's chewing up alot of memory on our Service Desk and we're trying to figure out what it's doing.  Seems the W3WP process is also hitting the CPUs quite hard. 

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Well found the answer myself to this one.  I had been on the server checking the log view and left if open intending to get back in.  Leaving it up running appears to be a bad thing. It was chewing up more and more memory.  We killed it and the memory utilization dropped to normal.  We ended up restarting IIS to take care of the W3WP issue.

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Isn't that just the configuration page that shows the log viewer and SMP credentials? You can probably kill it  if you have it running on the server. The W3WP process are the workflows running in IIS so it usually is high unless you have a loop happening somewhere. 

In the past when this happened we would have to run iisreset to stop it which would in turn orphan any tickets that were in process.

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Yes, Symantec.Explorer.exe is just the tool with the Credentials tab, Log Viewing tab, etc. The problem is probably specifically related to the Directory Servers tab contacting a web service in Process Manager.

We've made some improvements to Explorer for the 7.5 release as far as how Explorer attempts to contact these web services... should help with the memory.