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symap_custom_3, symev_custom_3

Created: 05 Jul 2013 | 2 comments


I've installed Symantec on Debian Wheezy and the symap_custom_3 and symev_custom_3 modules refer to folders that don't exist.

The folders they're looking for are /sys/module/symap_custom_3/holders and /sys/module/symev_custom_3/holders.

Now although I don't see the above folders, I do see other folders that are called /sys/module/symap_custom_3.2.0_4_amd64_x86_64/holders and /sys/module/symev_custom_3.2.0_4_amd64_x86_64/holders.

How can I fix this issue? Can I rename the existing folders? How do I stop the modules temporarily?

Thanks in advance.


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Is Wheezy even supported yet?  I can't see it on the below list:


Also, according to the below article, Debian requires you specify specific linux-headers packages for download too:

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Other than this folder issue, it seems to work. Every component, SAV, SAVAP, SAVJLU and SAVUI are all enabled.

The script built the apmodule without issue. The .ko files were created and copied as per the instructions.