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SYMCORPUI.EXE - application error

Created: 18 Jan 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

Message "SymCorpUI.exe - Application Error" - the application failed to initialize propertly...  when starting EP client?  This is on Windows XP sp2 on newly installed EP client.  SAV 10.1.6010 worked fine on this machien before installing this.  Not sure what else I can tell you to help.

Any help is appreciated,


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Doing a quick search of the Symantec boards show one other post from somebody with this issue.  The recommendation was that the person open a ticket with Symantec support, so you may want to do the same.
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I am very new to using the forum - how would I go about opening a ticket?
Thanks again,

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You can't here on the forum.  You can either call or do so online.  Info can be found here: .  You'll need some of your registration/purchase info which can be found on your license certificates if you've not contacted them before.
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This is just an update i opened the case with symantce as well and worked with the symantce folks try deleleting the registry keys for symantec but it did not worked. So at last symantce engineer sent me the link in which we have to do the manual removeal of the symantec software. And the amazing thing is that really SUCKS bcoz there are more than 100-200 registry keys ..which i have to remove one by one...

So if any one also faced this kind of issue and is there nay fix please update here .