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SynchInMigrationMode value??

Created: 11 Jul 2012 • Updated: 21 Sep 2012 | 5 comments
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Need to know

What's the difference between value 1 and 2 in this article and which one should I use in migration situation??


Sani B.

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This is a more detailed technotes, you probably seen this already as well:

It says:

This generally helps when migrating mailboxes from one server or mail store to another, in order to prevent duplication of entries in the ExchangeMailboxEntry table.

I have always used value 2 and I think many people do, I have moved myself between servers quite a bit for testing and I don't get duplicate or new entries. Although value 2 states:

2 — Creates new entries for the new mailboxes and renames the old entries by adding timestamps to the legacyMbxDN fields.

Hope that helps.

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Yes, that's the article I'm following about the migration but still don't know what's the difference creting new entries and timestamping versus just assigning with the old legacyMbxDN values...? Does these two ways to do it, show anywhere in use of archvie or something? What does it matter which one I pick?

(Gonna pick value 2 just because you recommended it but still would be nice to understand the difference between these two choices...) And thanks this did help. =)

-Sani B-

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1 - assigns the new mailbox to the old archive.

2 - creates a new archive for the new mailbox and puts a timestamp in the name of the old archive so you know when it was "closed off".

With #1 the user only has one archive.  With #2 the user will have two archives, the old one and a new one.

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Thanks WiTSend! According to your explanation I need to choose option 1. Of course I don't want people to have two archives. It would only confuse them. But I had option 2 selected when we tested the migration on my own mailbox and I don't have two archives now... Only one as LCT stated earlier... Why not, if that's what the option 2 is supposed to do...?


Sani B.

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I know there was a guy at SYMC who spent like 9 months researching the in's and out's of this setting... and I am not sure how much of it I retained.

I cannot account for your results at all but I can agre with WiTSend. The one thing that is missing is why you would not want to use option1. The reason is in some large organizations it may try to associate with a historically use alias. Lets say John Doe quit years ago but his archive was retained . His alias was JDoe. Then Jane Doe started years later. Under setting 1 there is some potential for Jane Doe to see all of John Doe's archived content by mistake. When this was initially implemented... there was only a 0 and a 1 option. It was enhanced for a method  to accomidate teh above situation. Last I had reviewed that technote, there was no timestamp, but there was a warning being logged about the mailbox. It looks like it has been further enhanced....but hopefully the above helps you choose which option is best for you.

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